SO… You’ve finally slunk in here. It was bound to happen at some point. Well, see here… We’re doing our best to finish this place, though its hard to get any sort of reaction from the slack-jaws associated with this label.

The VC LIFER crew have taken on this website in an attempt to make it interesting, useful and profitable. Let’s face it, we need the cash.

Brand Spanking NewElectric Company MP3!

We plan to have a new, unreleased MP3 here, at least once a month. This song will be UNAVAILABLE elsewhere (yea… were taking a real beating here). A new track by VC newcomer¬†Electric Company called “Relaxe” is now available. Hopefully having access to these otherwise unavailable tracks will trick you into the purchase of a CD from us. We are in the process of adding VISA support to this site…. Then we will be able to process all of your impulse purchase needs.


Want to get every VC release of 2016 plus a bunch of extra crap for one relatively low, low price??? BLAMMO!!!!