Future Releases

For the time being we just have a couple of upcoming releases… But we should have filled this up a bit by March 1st. Sorry for the inconvience.


TITLE: 0.004
RELEASE DATE:APRIL (Mordam’s Choice)

Japanese music scene legend and zeni-geva frontman KK Null’s new and finest musical offering to date of solo guitar and electronic compositions. Steering away from his earlier “noise” material and delving into a world of almost ambient serene drones and soundscapes in the vein of Coil, Nurse With Wound, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Terry Riley, Lustmord, Brian Eno, Hijo Kaidan, David Kristian, a less glitchy Oval, Labradford, Aube and Panasonic.

Eyecatching 7 color artwork (one color being glow in the dark ink) is by australian multimedia artist and hypervisualist Seldon Hunt, who works with modified printing presses and ink plates. No two copies will be the same making this release collectable as well as enjoyable. In KK Null’s own words “my best release ever”.


Omakase is the fourth cd by Electric Company aka Brad Laner, frontman of the now defunct My Bloody Valentine meets CAN pop group Medicine as well as being a member of the MTV friendly Lusk, Amnesia, Savage Republic, Steaming Coils and the critically acclaimed personal electronics cd he self released on his LOHD label. Omakase means ‘eat whatever the cook serves’ and in this case we are presented with an hour of microscopic sounds, fragmented beat surgery, kracked software jams, some silence and even the odd melody. Previous Electric Company releases on Island and Rick Rubin’s American label have been reverred and comparisons made by fans of Neu!, Autechre, Can, Aphex Twin, Tortoise, Gescom, free jazz and noise, Brian Eno, Photek, Farmer’s Manual, Lesser, and this record is definitely no exception.

This album is the sound of trying to make something raw, textured, musical and spontaneous using samples, digital feedback and algorithms. Genius instrument builder Kraig Grady guests on bass bars and microtonal harmonium on two tracks. A must have release for anyone intersted in new electronic and experimental music.


Bombadier is vinyl communications newest hardcore/gabber terrorist, think a meaner,nastier, angrier, younger delta-9 and you have got it on the ball. Discovered by kid606 in the ghettos of san francisco making tracks in his aunts living room by sampling old punk like minor threat, born against and titwrench and combining them with 250bpm+ distortion fueled beats and programming than immediately signed to VC, this ex-junkie turned hardcore disciple is forging a path to the top of the international hardcore scene. This cd showcases his best songs in a continous mix to keep the pace of a real album and to not just sound like a collection of tracks. Future releases with crapshoot of london, the dropbass sublabel ghetto safari and renegade should make him a household name in the gabber undergound.Musically this release will draw comparisons to the Bloody Fist crew, including Syndicate and Pendulum, DHR groups like EC80R,alec empire and Bomb 20,industrial strength artists such as D.O.A. (disciples of annhilation) and delta-9,dark Techstep/drum ‘n’ bass like Panacea, and even old electro like Autechre.


The first and probably the best/only 12″ from VC Emo/electronic/hardcore/jungle/gabber/noise superstar kid606. Five wicked tracks and a few locked grooves, including the classic “dropkick” and “don’t sweat the technics” as well as two new remixs by americas most popular electronic duo matmos (who when not remixing bjork or the rachels are remixing labradford) and rising IDM star Lexaunculpt (of isophlux and orange fame and also a forthcoming 12″ on funkstorum’s musik aus strom label). Not to be missed by fans of aphex twin, autechre, mego, merzbow, ambush, shizuo, alec empire, skam, pole, my bloody valentine, V/VM, christoph de babalon, locust or just plain good music for that matter. Includes material which will be made available only on vinyl.

Vinyl communications is proud to offer the first full length release by the underground indie electronic laptop rocker marumari, whose name comes from the nintendo videogame meteroid. This CD contains fourteen exclusive tracks filled with melody and unrecognizable and abstract rhythms similar to mouse on mars, aphex twin, fx randomiz, autechre, jega, funkstorum, boards of canada, bola, Richard devine, microstoria, oval, a-muzik, global goon, si begg, schematic and the like.

Marumari started as your average shoe gazing indie guitarist as a member of the band reflector the illuminator on Zero Hour recorings until he got bored with rock music and got rid of his guitar in favor of creating more alien and hi-tech beats and soundscapes on his own. Meticulously composed and crafted using nothing but a 500 Mhz pc running cracked and modifed software programs unavailable to others, this cd showcases the best of what the american electronic scene has to offer and will definitely keep both the indie kids and techno/idm heads happy. Includes a different version of “the vaus” which appeared on the critically acclaimed BLIP-BLEEP: soundtracks to imaginary videogames comp on the influential IDM label lucky kitchen.