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Anyone who has been to this website before will know that our VISA forms do not work and that we are completely incompetent. However, we are in the process of adding VISA support to our online ordering department. Hopefully we will be able to recieve your impulse buys by March 1st.

In the meantime, please send money order, check or well wrapped cash to:

Vinyl Communicationsmac-demarco-salad-days-rock-font-b-music-b-font-band-font-b-cd-b-font

P.O. Box 8623
Chula Vista, CA 91912

And don’t forget the VC Support Task Force Membership. ONLY $150 for all 1999 VC releases plus loads of good will and other stuff!!!!!



  • $3 for first 3 items, $1 each additional item


  • $3 for first item, $1 each additional item

World – [AIR]

  • $5 for first LP, $2 each additional
  • $3 first 7″ or CD, $1 each additional
  • $2 for first item, $1 each additional

How to Order?

MAIL ORDER: We appreciate it! Cash, Checks, Money Orders are all OK. Make payment out to Vinyl Communications or VC. We’re working on being able to accept VISA. Sometimes your order goes out the day we receive it. Sometimes it sits here for a month or more. Generally the latter occurs when we are out of stock on an item. Please list alternates. If you do not want anything other than your first choice leave a phone number or email address so we can give you an approximate date of shipment. Usually if we send you an alternate choice, we’ll include a couple freebies, so it’s really not a bad thing to go the alternate route. You can always call us to check on your order also: (619) 476-0909. PLEASE do not abuse the phone privelege. Sticker collectors can send $1 cash money for a sticker(s) and paper catalog. Always a fun option.

DEMOS: We love them! (Not as much as mail order however). Send us your demos whatever the format. We figure we may as well invite them because you’re going to send them anyway. BUT.. We can NOT guarantee a response. Sorry. We’ll do our best to get back to you with our opinions, or who knows, maybe to even release your recording, but generally if you don’t expect anything, you’re less likely to be disappointed. We’re not pretentious music industry pricks, just under staffed. Incidently, it’s still possible to release your own music,despite what you may have heard.